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Go Generics for Field Level Database Encryption

Using Go Generics, struct tags and reflection to implement a generic solution to a data encryption problem

You Don't Need a Library for File Walking in Go

Go file walk implementations have radically different performance characteristics. In 2021 the native implementation has improved so much, you don't need anything else.

Exploring GeoJSON with Go and its lack of generics

GeoJSON is an open format for geographical data and is used in a wide range of software products and libraries. Golang is a strictly typed language, which means that expressing the data model of GeoJSON can be challenging, because the data structure will change depending on what geometry type you want to represent.

Processing 100GB video on 128MB RAM

It might seem obvious but loading everything into memory is a bad idea. GoDoc examples, tutorials and Stack Overflow posts often use byte slices because its a quick way to illustrate a point but it is rarely the ideal data structure for engineered software solutions.

How To Create Testable Go Code

This approach can be used to easily mock out any part of the code, including HTTP calls, database queries, and more. There is also an added advantage of making the code more modular and maintainable. Try this out on your own codebase and see how much more of your code you can test!

Just tell me how to use Go Modules

A quick, no nonsense guide to getting started with Go Modules. I’m a fan of quick guides – just tell me what to do so I can start using it now. I don’t need an essay on why I should be using it or painful detail on the tool’s inner workings.