Rob Staples

How to combine Playwright, Orval and Zod to get seamless API contract testing.

This will allow a producer of a microservice to be able to check the validity of the objects and types they are producing without having to rely on a mocking service.

Testing SMS 2FA with Twilio and Playwright

A few years ago I had the experience of having a login page with two-factor auth for a client. We had to get creative.

Why automation attributes are a non-negotiable part of web development

End to end UI tests are the bane of testers and developers alike. They are slow, brittle, and need constant updates. They are also indispensable. A good automation strategy will speed up the feedback loop between a defect being introduced and that defect being detected.

I put all my integration tests in containers. Here's why you should too

Developing reliable integration tests requires you to control every part of your execution environment, from the operating system up to the source code itself.