Learn what the Kablamo Team uses

Uses This - Martin Ang

Who are you, and what do you do?

Hi! I'm Marty. I am a Software Engineer that specializes in the front-end with aspirations to learn everything (or die trying).

I'm currently learning UX/UI and designing wireframes in Adobe XD. I've also dabbled a bit in NodeJS and Bamboo which will be next on the agenda.

What hardware do you use?

  • Computer: 15" 2017 Macbook pro
  • Keyboard: MonstargearXO V3 with Gateron switches
  • Mice: Logitech MX Master 3
  • Desk setup: 4x Mounted 24" monitors, Steelcase standing desk, and an ergohuman chair
  • Drawing Tablet: Wacom Intuos
  • Favorite items: Monstera indoor plant - it's just a joy to see it grow... and my mini vending machine that dispenses chewies.

And what software?

  • VS Code for Code
  • Fork for git branch management
  • Postman for APIs
  • Adobe Suite for all UI/UX needs
  • iTerm for when I want to print("Hello World")
  • Slack for communication
  • Spotify for Music
  • Chrome for web things
  • LastPass for managing my passwords
  • OneNote for note-taking

What would be your dream setup?

Currently in it! Wouldn't mind a bigger room located in a high-rise building. Surrounded completely by glass windows to peer over the vast city landscape.

Working from home can be quite lonely, so, seeing the hustle and bustle of the metropolis will definitely get me up again whenever I need a break.