Summer at Kablamo

My Experience as Full Stack Intern


The beginning

This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to serve as a software engineer intern for Kablamo – one of the most engaging and informative experiences I’ve ever had!

After a couple of interviews with the co-CEO and crew leaders, I joined the team for a 4-week internship.

On the day of joining, I received some lovely merch, an onboarding process, and the description of my project.

The Project

In the 4-week sprint, I was involved in creating an application for Cape York Partnership, a not-for-profit organization.

Pama, their product, provides an efficient way of managing and saving funds for important financial goals such as education, employment, home ownership and so on.

It is aimed at the upliftment of the Aboriginal communities and provide them with financial independence.

As part of the project, I worked on API services as well as dashboards.

I worked on backend tickets using Go lang and PostgreSQL.

During the process I also learnt about the overall development of APIs, production-level code and how to debug efficiently.

Coming from a non-CS background, it was intimidating at first, but with continuous efforts, I was able to learn and improve.

I could see the academic gap between my university assignments and actual technical requirements reduce as I experienced the project reality.

From planning a service to execution and I enjoyed all the steps in between.

I also worked on the AWS QuickSight analytics dashboard which provides a visualization of different components of Pama such as - financial analytics, demographics, and app health to the admins and management and would them to gather a broad overview of the application progress & usage.

During all this, I realized how easy it is to make use of these services online but only that much challenging to make them run seamlessly.

In the coming few weeks, I would focus on design & frontend aspect of the applications, and thus get to experience the entire full-stack journey!

The Best Parts

I am grateful for the opportunity & support that Kablamo team has provided. Some of the best aspects of my intensive 4-week journey are:

  • Learning on the job! The team helped me when I was stuck, encouraged me to use better technologies and reduced my inhibitions which ultimately made my life easier.
  • Meeting with super-talented people!
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner study sessions!
  • The opportunity to present the QuickSight dashboard to the CYP-Pama team in the second week!
  • Perkbox recognitions!

I’ve been very impressed with everyone I’ve worked in the tech industry and their willingness to help me grow in this business!

I am eager to see where this opportunity takes me in the future!